5 Poems for Easter

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Easter is a time of celebration and reflection for Christians around the world. It marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the central event in the Christian faith. This holy day is celebrated with joy and reverence and is an occasion for believers to reflect on the sacrifice and love of their savior.

One way to deepen our understanding of this sacred time is through the reading and recitation of poems that capture the essence of Easter. Poems for Easter offer a way to meditate on the themes of the season, including sacrifice, forgiveness, hope, and new beginnings.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most moving and inspiring poems for Easter, and reflect on their timeless messages of faith, love, and redemption.

poems for easter

5 Poems for Easter Topics

The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus Christ

This is the most important event in the Easter story, as it represents the ultimate sacrifice made by Jesus to save humanity from sin.

The Cross of Christ

Upon the cross, my Savior hung, His body broken, his spirit wrung, He suffered there, in agony, To set my captive soul set free.

The crowd jeered on, with mocking tone, As he bore the weight of sin alone, His blood poured out, a crimson flood, To cleanse us all, with grace and love.

He cried out loud, “My God, my God, Why hast thou forsaken me?” Yet still he hung, and bore the rod, To bring us life, eternally.

Oh wondrous love, oh matchless grace, That Christ should die, to take our place, To bear our guilt, and pay the price, And lift us up, to paradise.

So let us look, with grateful heart, Upon the cross, where Christ did start, And let us live, with faith and love, To honor him, who reigns above.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The resurrection of Jesus on the third day after his crucifixion is the central event of the Easter story, and it represents the triumph of life over death.

The Resurrection Morn

The sun arose on Easter morn, And darkness fled, and light was born, The tomb lay empty, Christ had risen, The curse of death, forever broken.

The women came with spices rare, To find the stone had been moved with care, An angel stood, in dazzling light, And said, “Fear not, for he’s alive!”

The news spread fast, from heart to heart, That Christ had conquered death’s cold grip, The victory won, by love divine, The empty tomb, a sacred sign.

For death has lost its hold on us, And life eternal now is ours, In Christ alone, we find our hope, And everlasting joy unfolds.

So let us sing, with voices strong, The song of hope, the Easter song, For Christ is risen, he is Lord, And we, his people, evermore.

The significance of the cross

The cross is a powerful symbol in Christianity, representing the sacrifice made by Jesus to save humanity.

The Cross of Hope

The cross, a symbol of our faith, A sign of love, in life and death, It stands for all that Christ has done, To bring us hope, to make us one.

It speaks of pain, and sacrifice, Of Christ’s own blood, that paid the price, For all the sins of all mankind, That we may live, and peace may find.

The cross reminds us of the way, That Christ himself did walk each day, In humility, and selfless love, That pointed us to God above.

It’s through the cross we find our hope, In Christ alone, we learn to cope, With all the trials that life may bring, For in his love, we find our king.

So let us lift our hearts in praise, To Christ who walked the cross-filled way, For by his death, and rising too, He brought us life, forever new.

The importance of forgiveness

Easter is a time for Christians to reflect on the importance of forgiveness, both in terms of forgiving others and being forgiven by God. Out of all the poems for Easter, this is one of my favorites! Forgiveness is so important!


Forgiveness is a precious gift, That heals our hearts, and spirits lift, It breaks the chains of guilt and shame, And gives us hope, to live again.

For Christ forgave us, one and all, And bore our sins, upon the cross, He suffered there, that we might live, And by his grace, new life receive.

So let us follow in his steps, And forgive those who wronged us yet, For in forgiveness, we find release, And in our hearts, God’s love increases.

It’s not an easy thing to do, To let go of hurts, and follow through, But in the end, it’s worth the pain, To find the peace, that love will gain.

So let us walk, in love and grace, Forgiving freely, every trace, Of bitterness and anger deep, And in forgiveness, healing reap.

For Christ forgave us, we forgive, And in his love, we truly live, So let us live, in love and peace, And in forgiveness, find release.

The hope of eternal life

Easter represents the hope of eternal life for Christians, as Jesus’ resurrection is seen as a promise of eternal life for all who believe in him.

The Hope of Easter

The hope of Easter fills our hearts, And gives us strength, when life falls apart, For Christ has risen, and conquered death, And in his life, we find new breath.

He promised us, eternal life, A future free from pain and strife, Where joy and love forever reign, And every tear is wiped away.

This hope sustains us through the years, And dries our eyes, and calms our fears, For we know that Christ is with us, And in his love, we trust.

So let us live, with joy and grace, And run the race, with steadfast faith, For we have hope, beyond this life, And in Christ’s love, we find our light.

For Easter is the promise sweet, That death is not the last defeat, But life in Christ, forevermore, In heaven’s realm, forevermore.

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