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Hey, I’m Andy.

I created Your Next Bible to help fellow Christians find the perfect Bible for their spiritual journey.

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In-depth Bible Reviews

Are you looking for the perfect bible? We research and review all the best bibles both new and old to help you narrow down the one (or ones) that are perfect for you!

Your Next Bible helped me discover 3 new Bibles to add to my personal library for researching sermons.

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Relevant Christian Books

Are you looking for Christian books to further your walk with God?  Discover biblical books that serve as a Bible companion and help further your faith.

There are so many Christian books out there! I just needed to know which one was best so I could plan my next retreat. This site helped me find one that served our ladies well. We had a blessed retreat!

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Are you looking for inspiring Christian resources?  Our blog reaches thousands of people just like you each month. Be inspired by the latest Christian content.

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    The Kinstone Bible Trilogy comes in three hefty volumes. The combined weight of the three hardcover books is 12.4 lbs. They encompass 2,023 full-color pages with impressive artwork. As a matter of fact, the artwork in the bible was done by those who have worked with Marvel and DC comic book publishers. This Bible Trilogy … Read more
  • Rainbow Study Bible Review
    Are you looking for a unique study Bible to help you discover more of the word of God? The Rainbow Study Bible is a 1632 page study bible brought to market by Holman Bible Publishers. The bible has an imitation leather cover and inside it features a very unique color-coding system. There are 12 different … Read more
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  • ESV Study Bible Review
    The ESV Study Bible originally came out in 2008 and quickly became one of the most popular study bibles on the market. This, all because of its many high-quality features such as over 50 articles and over 20,000 noes. The Bible study guide was created with the insight of a lot of contributors the list … Read more