KJV Study Bible Review

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There are several options on the market when looking for a KJV Study Bible, but today we look at the Holman KJV Study Bible. This is the full-color version with maps and photos throughout the text. If you are the type to be more engaged when reading books with more visuals, then this is the Bible study you have been looking for to keep you engaged in the word. Though the Bible is equipped with color and images, it is not gimmicky at all. The paper is high-quality paper and the print consistency is impeccable to make the bible a beauty to behold and own.

The Holman KJV Study Bible is packed with introductions that will provide the reader with context whether they are simply studying or reading. The Bibel features each book being introduced with an opening page complete with a brief overview as well as a matching image. Introductions make clear, the message and purpose of the book, the circumstances of the writing, the overall contribution it makes to the Bible along with an outline and structure.

Each page of the Bible features study notes at the bottom. These study notes were written by a collection of top biblical scholars of today. Notes on each page, always correlated with the verses at the top and can provide the reader with a better, deeper understanding of the scripture and its significance for life.

Key Features

Approximately 15,000 notes
An included presentation page
Approximately 20 Essays and Articles
141 Full-color photos
59 in-text color maps
8 full maps outside of the text
Total of 15 charts
Included family records
References in the center column
Red-letter text indicating words of Jesus
Section headings
Presentation page
Included ribbon marker
Includes 1 and 3-year reading plans


The KJV Study Bible from Hollman is a comprehensive study Bible. It is reasonably priced and has a lot of features. This full-color study bible takes the concept of study bile to a new level says a five-star reviewer. They note the bible is made with top quality binding, top-quality paper and features top-quality print. They note how the study Bible is informative, extensive and accurate while being well researched and super easy to understand. They note how the Bible does a stellar job of shining light on some passages they found very obscure and note that even familiar and well-understood passages became even clearer after reading through this study. They end their review by commenting “I cannot praise this Bible enough… is the best!”

Another reviewer notes that this bible study has a great quality cover and has impeccable content inside. The study bible is complete with “great commentary and beautiful color pictures…” They finish their review by encouraging readers to read all the comments on any study guide they choose and to watch YouTube video reviews. We agree on that advice and have included some video reviews of the Holman KJV Study Bible below.

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Holman KJV Study Bible Review

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