Rainbow Study Bible Review

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Are you looking for a unique study Bible to help you discover more of the word of God? The Rainbow Study Bible is a 1632 page study bible brought to market by Holman Bible Publishers. The bible has an imitation leather cover and inside it features a very unique color-coding system. There are 12 different colors that indicate a different theme throughout the Bible. The themes are;

  1. God – Purple
  2. Discipleship – Salmon
  3. Love – Green
  4. Faith – Light Orange
  5. Sin – Grey
  6. Evil – Brown
  7. Salvation – Blue
  8. Family – Yellow
  9. Outreach – Pink
  10. Commandments – Green
  11. History – Silver
  12. Prophecy – Yellow/Orange, Gold

All the words that were spoken by Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit are underlined. It not only features color-coded text but also includes color maps along with a number of additional features. These help the reader to thoroughly go through the word of God for the highest amount of benefit.

Key Features

  • Made with imitation leather known as Leather Touch the bible has a smooth texture with perimeter stitching. It also
  • features a vinyl liner which is glued into place.
  • The paper is the standard paper you will find in other study bibles. The color and print consistency are very good. There are
  • 4 pages in the back for writing and the font is a standard black font that is sharp and easily readable.
  • The color coding is a huge part of what makes this study bible so unique and popular.
  • 12 Subject headings
  • 26 categories
  • 129 sub-topics
  • One full page of the book introduction for each book of the Bible
  • Geographical facts in the form of full-color illustrations and in-text maps
  • Over 100,000 cross-references which can be located in the center-column or under the final text on the page.
  • Greek and Hebrew renderings of translator’s notes included below the last verse on each page.
  • Section headings through the text are in italics
  • Bunch of bonus material in the back
  • 91-page concordance
  • 12 full-color maps along with an index to maps
  • Bookmark and Ribbon


Reviewers love the Rainbow Study Bible and note that it is a great guide. The color coding is extremely helpful. It features text that is easy to read and easy to understand than most other bibles. The color-coded scripture helps you to better understand the significance of the scripture. The color coding allows you to easily find bible verses from different categories. When you open the bible to any page you find that color deciding can help you to find verses to support your needs at the moment. As such you don’t have to be going to an index or using cross-references. It just makes finding what you need a lot faster.

The Rainbow Study Bible has beautifully presented notes one reviewer about the bible’s color-coded design system. They also note how useful the book introductions and cross-references are. Of good note are the colored illustrations and maps along with the concordance of the bold line system that indicates the sayings of Jesus, The Father, and the Holy Spirit. They note that they enjoy looking forward to reading the Bible because of the way it is designed and laid out.

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Rainbow Study Bible Review