50 Unique Church Name Ideas

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A church name matters, it tells people about a church and what they can expect there. When the denomination is in the title, people know right away what they are getting into.

While this may be old-fashioned, it’s still a great idea for some churches to keep the denomination in the name. It all depends on your target market. Who do you want to call to Church, to worship with you and your church community?

Your answer to this question will help you to decide on the right name for your church. Plus, we have 50 unique church name ideas below, so keep reading. 

church name ideas

The Importance of Choosing the Right Name for Your Community

A Gray Matter survey showed that half of the survey population did not care about the name of the church enough for it to change their minds about being a potential member. Now that is huge because this means the name you choose could keep a large number of people away from your Church.

And of course, you can’t please everyone, but you do want your church name to be attractive enough for people to want to come and join the community. You at least want them to be intrigued to find out what is offered even with just one visit. Then you can win them over with your hospitality and the message of God. 

So what do you take into consideration when choosing a name for your church? Consider things such as your church location and the residents within the vicinity.

Do you have a large retirement community nearby? If so, you may be better off going with a traditional name. If your target is to bring in the younger folks, you may be better off with a modern name that skips the denomination in the title. For the latter you also want your name to make it clear what your church is all about. 

The same Gray Matter survey showed that 40% of persons aged 18 to 24 years old were more interested in no denomination. Not “non-denominational” but no denomination. This isn’t new and is a trend that has been studied over the years by church leaders. 

Why Church Names Matter 

For the first three centuries of Christianity, it was an illegal practice and so churches did not have names. Worship structures were not allowed, and Christians were being killed because of their beliefs. 

Christianity was brought from the shadows by a Roman emperor, and later worshipers started to figure out how to name themselves. They would name themselves based on where they gathered.

They would meet underground, mainly in the graves of martyrs, and so the names of the martyrs became the name of the place of worship. When they started building structures, they built them in memory of the martyrs.

So you will find many old churches with Mary, Paul, and Peter in the name. To date, Catholic churches are still being named after martyrs and saints.  This is also true of the Anglican and Lutheran churches of today.  

The tradition is even longer when it comes to Jewish places of worship. You will find both temples or synagogues, and these are important to help you understand what is taking place inside. A Synagogue usually denotes a Conservative or Orthodox congregation, while a Temple will denote a Reform congregation. 

But enough of history, let’s get to the meat of the matter. Here are some unique church names to provide you with the inspiration you need to name your new church community or to change the name of your current one. 

  1. Bible Connection 

Hebrews 10: 24 and 25 encourage us to keep meeting up with one another. Spurring each other on – meaning encouraging each other. There is no better way to encourage each other when we meet than with the right Bible connections. 

  1. The Found Flock 

This name is reminiscent of what the community identifies as a whole. This name will invite others who are seeking the love of Christ and His goodness for now and in the future. It is the type of name that invites others in because they want to be a part of the “found flock” too. 

  1. Soul Smiths 

This name invites persons who may be lost and seeking to find Christ and to give their soul rest. It tells the tale of a place that will help to mend your soul and ease all its pangs. 

  1. Truth Seekers

A potential member will know exactly what you are about from this short and spicy name. It clearly says we are the seekers of truth. It will appeal to persons of all races, colors, and religions to come and find the truth of God and his word. 

  1. Lighted Path

This name suggests this church can help guide one through the path of a Christ-centered life. 

  1. The Prayer Hub 

This name will appeal to those who are struggling in their prayer life, those who want to pray more, or who want to have more meaningful and beneficial prayer time. Persons will want to be a part of this church if they feel like prayer is their main issue where spirituality is lacking. 

  1. Refuge for Our Souls 

We all want refuge from the stresses of the world, but for our souls to find refuge is huge. This is not about now, but about our future here on this earth and beyond. 

  1. Light Seekers

This name will appeal to those who are seeking a relationship with the eternal Father of light. Sometimes all we need is the right community around us to push us to where we need to go. 

  1. Wherever He Leads

This name will appeal to those who know they need to follow the calling of God, but who are uncertain as to what God is calling them to do or where to go. 

  1. Faith Collective 

This name describes a group of faithful people serving together, while also lifting each other up in faith, prayer, and in grace. 

  1. Hope Disciples

We live in a very sad world, and we are all looking for that glimmer of hope. This name will appeal to those looking for a glimmer of hope, looking forward to an eternity where everything will be peaceful and everyone will be happy. 

  1. Open Book 

This name is very inviting and will appeal to people of all ages having issues fitting into traditional churches. 

  1. Beyond Bible Study 

Bible Study is great, but what do you do when you need more than that and more than doing it on your own? You take yourself to a church that tells you right in its name that it is more than just Bible Study. 

  1. Disciple Union 

What better way to invite new people to the gospel than to showcase your church as a union of disciples. There is strength in numbers and strength in a name such as this. 

  1. Peace Within 

Inner peace is not only possible, but it is also essential, especially in the stressful times and world in which we live today. This name assures people that this church or community will not add to the stress, but will instead help to reduce daily stress by providing one with peace within or helping one to achieve peace within. What a tranquil name?

  1. Quenched

One word, a huge feeling of relief. Consider what it feels like to be quenched, and you will see right away what makes this name so appealing.  

  1. To The Cross

There is no way to mistake this community with a name like this. Right away, people know that this is a church, and the aim is to get people saved for eternity. 

  1. Together in Prayer 

Here is another name that will appeal to those who are seeking a better and more fulfilling prayer life. 

  1. Mended and Whole 

We all feel broken, lost, and like we don’t belong from time to time. Some of them feel this way a little, while others have these feelings a lot. This church name invites those who are broken to come inside, join the community, and work towards becoming amended and whole person in Jesus Christ. 

  1. Ablaze for Christ

This name welcomes those who are looking for a fun-filled and energetic church family. 

  1. Unrelenting Worship 

This name will appeal to those who love a good praise session or worship ministry. 

  1. Gathered in Mercy 

It’s always great to have reminders of the mercies granted to us each day. When you think of a name like “Gathered in Mercy”, one cannot forget how merciful our Father in Heaven is. 

  1. Gracepointe 

This name reminds us of the high point of grace and welcomes everyone who is intrigued by Grace, who is in awe of His Grace, and who wants to seek His Grace. 

  1. Grace Abounds 

This name is similar to the name in the previous number, appealing to those who know, love, and understand the power of the Grace of God, or who would like to experience this Grace and what it feels like to be a part of a community with similar beliefs. 

  1. The Light House

The Light House is the highest point, a beacon of safety to those wrecked at sea or in danger of wreckage. Who wouldn’t find a church with this name appealing as they seek a closer walk with the Lord? 

  1. Saved by Grace 

Another Grace-themed name is sure to appeal to those already saved and those seeking a Savior by Grace. 

  1. Walking by Faith 

This name will appeal to those who want a change in their lives, those who want to learn the faith walk to improve their lives for now and for eternity. 

  1. Redemption Squad 

The redeemed know the importance of sticking together because the Devil is like a roaring lion looking for who He may devour. This name will appeal to those who are struggling with their Christ walk, but who want to hold on to their redemption in Christ. 

  1. Fields of Grace Abound

This name is very inviting to all who are weary and heavy-laden. 

  1. ReGeneration 

This name will appeal to the younger members of society who want to live their Christian lives in a modern way, on their terms, while still following the word of God. This church will appeal to the person who wants to let go of traditional church rituals, but still serve God and enjoy worship. 

  1. Devoted 

This name is simple and straightforward, it is easy to read and easy to grasp. It is also versatile enough to attract churchgoers of all ages. 

  1. Theos’ Safe Rest – God’s Safe Rest 

Nothing could be more appealing to a weary heart than this. 

  1. Battle Ready 

This name will appeal to persons who are currently fighting to live the life they are called to live. They know they are called, but they have no support system to keep them in faith. and this pursuit will drive them to join your church with this name. 

  1. Jesus Circle 

This is a simple name with tons of meaning to potential churchgoers and joiners. 

  1. Joy Collective 

Who doesn’t want to be a part of a group that calls itself the Joy Collective? We are all looking for ways and things that make us happier, and a church with this name may be one of the safer bets.

  1. Willing Souls 

The soul is willing, but the heart is weak. What if your church could reach all those with willing souls but weak hearts? With this name, you can get the message home in a simple, yet effective way. 

  1. The Flock

This church name is a great name that is more on the traditional side, but still not too old people that it will push the younger generation away. 

  1. Conquerors Church

We all want to be conquerors, and this is why this name is appealing – it is sweet, short, and impactful. 

  1. Daily Fuel 

We all need daily fuel, what better place to find spiritual fuel than at a church with this name. 

  1. Holy Spirit Movers

If your spirit is moved to spend more time with Christ in getting to know Him more, reading the Bible more, and praising more. This church name will definitely appeal to you. 

  1. Harnessing Light 

Christ is synonymous with light, consider how many Bible stories speak to him as the “light of the world”, etc. 

  1. Fireproof 

Anything that is fireproof is often quite valuable. Anyone with this outlook will love this church community name and will want to be a part of it. 

  1. Praying Cluster

The family that prays together stays together, but if your current family doesn’t pray, you could find hope in a church named Praying Cluster. 

  1. Overcomers

Everyone wants to be strong and capable, and people are more confident in these two when they are supported. The name Overcomers can hence be a very powerful name and a very inviting name for someone seeking a new church. 

  1. Lifted Up

This name invites people from all walks of life to feel lifted up as they worship under a roof of like-minded believers. 

  1. On Fire For God 

This church name appeals to those who are on fire for God and seeking similar friends and brethren in Christ. 

  1. Souled Out

This world can cause havoc and chaos in our lives and in our souls. How lovely it must be to know that your soul is protected and owned by our loving Father, loaned to you to enjoy, protect, and to use for His glory.  

  1. Body of Christ 

Consider yourselves the body of Christ, and keep feeding yourselves with the word to remain in good health.

  1. Brave Hearts 

Our world needs brave hearts now more than ever! This church name will appeal to those with brave hearts, ready and willing to do the bidding of God. 

  1. Open House 

You couldn’t find a more welcoming church name. Consider an open house, welcoming people from all walks of life, from all categories of society, from all races and social statuses.

This is the name of a church, that wants to appeal to all and welcome all to a loving community filled with Christ-loving and Christ-centered friends and family members. 

Which of these 50 unique church names did you like the most? Did this list give you ideas for other unique names you could use to name your community?